Google Adwords is one of the best marketing channels for local businesses in 2020, and we believe it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future. Google is at the center of how consumers shop and spend money. If someone is searching for a “Dentist in Long Beach”, the first place they do is type those words into Google. Google, in turn, shoots out relevant results showing dentists in that geographic area. The businesses that are on the top of the results page reap the rewards and get loads of visitors to their websites. 

Let’s dispel two common myths on Google Adwords: 

Myth 1: Google Adwords is too expensive. When you work with GK Media, this is usually not the case at all. And when you factor in your return on investment, the cost to run these ads is non-consequential. 

Myth 2: Google Adwords is too competitive. This is only the case if the team running your ads doesn’t know how to position you in your market. With GK Media, we can bypass the competition. 

By leveraging Google Adwords, you can be at the top of Google for certain search terms. And while there are several ways you can get on near the top of the search results— search engine optimization, Google My Business Listings are two other ways— Adwords can be the fastest and most efficient way. You can leapfrog other competitors and snag a large segment of that profitable traffic that’s up for the taking. Contact GK Media to get started today.