Here at GK Media, we want to help provide you with all of the resources you may need for your local SEO. That’s why we want to use this article to explain why local SEO and AdWords work great together.

Not All Ads Get Clicked

Studies are showing that some consumers will not click on ads that appear in search results. Using this information, it explains how you can potentially miss out on new traffic if you’re only focusing your efforts on pay-per-click (PPC) and not search engine optimization (SEO).

If you take the time to invest some of your marketing time and effort into SEO on top of AdWords you’re opening up a whole new world. You could potentially appear twice on the search results page — once in the ads, and again in the natural results.

Local SEO and AdWords

Every marketing channel that’s available to you should be leveraged in order to maximize your exposure. You have the probability of taking up more of the search results page, thereby increasing your odds of getting traffic, by doing Adwords and local SEO simultaneously.

AdWords is not an indicator of whether you’ll turn a prospect into a customer even though it is great for getting traffic to a page. Because of this, you should consider adding local SEO to your marketing mix. SEO is generally a merit-based system, providing an indication of what pages are genuinely satisfying a customer’s need, or a searcher’s intent.

Local SEO forces you to analyze every aspect of your website with a critical eye, especially when first starting. Overall, improving your website as a whole becomes synonymous with improving your SEO, ultimately improving your individual pages in isolation.

The chances are lower that you’ll take the time to look at the real ways you can improve your website if you only ever use AdWords to drive traffic.

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