Instagram is the most popular social media platform. It’s designed to keep people on its platform with a never-ending cascade of posts, stories, and videos. Businesses that do well on social media are able to create content in the form of these posts, stories, and videos. To capitalize on social media, you must be able to create content. 

Doing well on Instagram honestly comes down to the content you post and how well you’re able to reach your target market. In today’s post, we’re going to give you a few simple tips you can use to really take your Instagram to the next level. 

Figure out your target audience. Before you can even begin planning the type of content you’re going to post to Instagram, you must define your target audience. By understanding who they are and what motivates them, you can design a content strategy that’s based on reaching that audience. 

Focus on the right performance metrics. On Instagram, there are different metrics for the various stages of a customer’s journey. For example, new followers mean more people are becoming aware of your business; likes and comments mean people are engaging with your content; sales that can be attributed to Instagram means you’re able to convert followers into dollars. 

Commit to a consistent posting schedule. Posting on a regular basis helps to keep your business at the top of your followers’ minds, and it’ll help you expand your reach. Make sure your posts are high quality and that you don’t post too often (you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with content). 

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