In the world of SEO, there are a plethora of terms and words that you may not know. The term “backlink” applies here, and it’s something you should become familiar with if you plan to improve your search engine ranking.

A backlink is an external link that points back to your domain. For example, another website mentioned yours, and they have a link to your domain url—  that’s a backlink. Think of a backlink as a “vote” for your webpage. The more backlinks you get from high quality websites, the more votes Google will tally for you, which can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. 

We referenced “votes” because a backlink is basically demonstrating that your website has value. It’s a signal that other websites are endorsing your content. And if there are many authoritative sites linking back to the same webpage, it would indicate to Google that the webpage is worthy of a higher ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Years ago, the quantity of backlinks was paramount, but due to a variety of updates to Google’s algorithm, the quality of the backlinks matter more in 2020. 

At GK Media, we specialize in building backlinks from high quality, authoritative sites. If you want to elevate your position on Google, contact us today to discuss how we can implement a successful backlinking strategy for your business.