Before you begin improving your ranking in the search engines, your site must undergo an audit. An audit goes through every element that influences your ranking, including onsite SEO, your site’s speed and functionality, your keyword targeting, and so much more. A site that’s SEO-friendly will rank high in the search engines, increasing the likelihood that someone finds your site when someone is searching for a business like yours online. 

What Happens During an SEO Audit

An audit is essentially a review of your website’s technical SEO factors. To conduct an audit, we use an assortment of tools to analyze your ranking, keyword placement and density, inbound and outbound linking, content quality, onsite SEO details, and more. We take this analysis to get a strong picture of your SEO, what’s keeping your site from reaching a higher rank, and what we can do to fix that. This is a thorough, detailed process that requires us to parse through data and using that data to tailor our SEO services to your business. 

What Happens After the Audit 

After the audit has been completed, one of our specialists will talk through the findings and recommendations. The GK Media SEO will walk you and your team through the roadmap to completion so you know what to expect and when. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your site’s health. All of these are customized to you and your specific situation.