Several local businesses offer products and services. These businesses compete for online attention so that they can showcase what they have to the world. This is why Google My Business is so important. It is very free and an easy to use tool that enhances local SEO practices so that such businesses can be visible on Google.

Now, you may be wondering, what is local SEO? Let’s find out.

What does Local SEO mean?

This is a type of SEO that helps small businesses be noticed in local SERPs. When businesses use a more localized approach to boost their SEO, people can find them when they search for such businesses in that area. Why is this important?

Businesses that use this approach get noticed quickly. Research has shown that local-based searches done on a local device often lead to offline sales and purchases. People visit these businesses just after one day of searching. Sometimes, people search for businesses around them to confirm their location before going.

Any business that isn’t using Google My Business Page is hurting their chances of expanding. But you may be wondering, what is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business all about?

This is a free tool that aids small and localized businesses in managing their online presence. It determines how they pop up in SERPs, especially on maps. When you list your business on Google My Business, you have to provide certain information for customers to see before making purchases.

This information includes business name, street address, business hours, description, photos, website, reviews, etc. Businesses that provide accurate information are often considered more reputable and authentic than those without. Remember, they are trying to gauge your business by its online presence.

One feature that a lot of business owners fail to add to Google My Business page listing is photos. Research has shown that there are more clicks and requests for directions via maps when these businesses include photos.

Consider things from your viewpoint. Let’s say you’re looking for restaurants around you. Which would you trust more?

  • A business that sounds glamorous, fills most of their contact information, but does not include pictures. If it does, it includes low-quality ones
  • A business that sounds glamorous, fills most to all of their contact information, and includes high-quality, sultry pictures.

You choose.

Now, how does Google know what local businesses to rank?

How Google determines which local business to rank

There are several factors that Google uses to determine whether a business should rank or not, and how it should. However, how it should be isn’t open for public knowledge.

But all we know is that relevance, distance, and prominence are factors that largely influence the type of business that pops up on SERPs. These give users the best options, so ranking isn’t a problem.

1.     Relevance:

Do search results match up with what users are finding? It’s super important to have accurate and thoughtful information on your Google My Business page listing so that people who are interested in what you’re offering won’t have a hard time finding you

2.     Distance:

How close is your business to the intended search? Now, the location is relative. Some people may define the business location themselves, or they may switch up their locations on their phones, and Google will find restaurants closest to them via maps.

Isn’t that amazing?

Whatever the case, Google will spring up business recommendations based on the perceived location of the searcher.

3.     Prominence:

Who knows the business, either online or offline? How many are there?

The more people know about a particular business or brand, the greater the chances of the business being ranked on Google. Another thing you should look out for is the reviews. Are they good or bad? Positive or negative?

Don’t judge by only its popularity. Some businesses can be popular for being such a bad one. What is their website? Do they have content that gives value to their visitors? Do they take their time to create top-notch pictures on their GMB listing? All these give a signal to Google, and thus, boost their ranking chances.

Prominence is super important because Google may know that Business A is farther than Business B from the perceived location, but will show Business A first. Why?

Because it is more prominent.

Getting started with GMB

So, you want to enlist your business in GMB. That’s great. All you have to do is to create an account and claim your business because the name may already be there. You have to inform Google that you own it. Get started now by clicking here