There are several benefits of SEO as well as social media marketing, as both are inbound. However, the actions of both and the outcomes are entirely different. So, let’s take a closer look at the difference between SEO and social media marketing.


Typically, SEO topics that perform well come from research-based information. This content is detailed and provides information such as articles answering commonly asked questions or how-to topics.

Alternatively, most effective social media marketing tends to create an emotional response in the target audience. Emotions like anxiety, awe, and anger tend to be the most thought-provoking and the most effective in social media content.


In the world of SEO, long-formatted content tends to produce the best response. The highest-ranking pages in Google have over 1500 words of content.

Not surprisingly, short formats and visuals work best for social media. For example, posts that incorporate images perform at a rate 53% better than those without on Facebook.

Target Audience

Another key distinguishing factor between successful SEO and social media marketing has to do with audience targeting. For SEO, it targets what the audience is thinking while social media should be targeted based on who the individual is.


SEO is a slow and steady method of building a site’s credibility. At times it can be uncertain, taking days, months, and even years to be ranked valuably.

Social media can take some time to build an audience, but posts appear instantly and some are even lucky enough to experience results in a matter of minutes.

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