If you want to bring new customers to your local business, a well-planned event can really showcase your business in a strong light. Whether it’s for a grand opening, to debut a product or service, or to simply celebrate something positive in your company, we help businesses throw awesome local events.

Gain attention for your brand. Putting on a local event can attract the attention of media outlets and big influencers in your neighborhood. With media attention, people who have never heard of your business will learn about your event. The bigger the event, the more local attention you can generate. 

Make your business larger than life. For the events that we organize, we understand that we need to help you make a strong first impression. We can put your business on a 50 ft. movie screen, serve tasty food and drinks, invite speakers, and have some form of entertainment. The goal is to throw a memorable event for people in your local area. 

Interact with your customers. People like to shop with businesses that they feel a connection to, and by hosting an event, you’re placing your face directly on your business. This helps to create a very memorable and positive impression of your business, and it’ll allow you to directly market your business to your local customer base. 

Want to throw an amazing local event? GK Media specializes in organizing events for local businesses in Southern California. Contact us today to learn more.