Creating a Google My Business post is just the beginning step in optimizing your SEO through this specific service. Thankfully, with the help of GK Media, you can begin staying consistent with Google My Business Posts, amongst other excellent tips for maximizing this SEO feature.

Here’s a closer look at some other Google My Business posts tips brought to you by GK Media. GK Media is the top-rated Long Beach SEO company offering customized services to help drive new customers directly to your business! Best of all, GK Media has over 10 years of experience.

Post Consistently

Staying consistent with Google My Business posts is one of the most effective ways to maximize your GMB content. Google will automatically begin archiving post types without an assigned date range that is over a week old.

Use High-Quality Visuals

It’s a known fact that consumers retain more of your message when received in a media format. But, if you are going to add media content to your GMB, you need to make sure you are using high-quality pictures and videos.

Keep your Text Short

Despite Google giving you 1,500 characters for GMB text, the ideal length of posts should fall somewhere between 150 and 300. Keeping your text short is more likely to hold your viewers’ attention and ensure your message can be seen without a click.

Don’t Forget Keywords

Help to increase your relevancy by ensuring you include keywords that will appeal to your prospective consumers. Even though the content is short, keywords still play a critical role here.

Keep it Professional

Last but not least, always make sure your content maintains a professional approach. After all, remember that GMB is designed to represent your business and will likely be the first impression you have on a consumer.

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