Reputation Management

Your online reputation management really matters. Your customers make buying decisions based on who is the most trusted in the industry. Businesses with poor reviews will make potential customers hesitant to purchase, causing sales to be consistently lower than the competition. If your online reputation is damaged, you’re likely losing out on potential sales daily. If this describes your situation, you need to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible.

GK Media helps businesses repair and maintain their online reputation so they can consistently win new customers.

How We Do It

In today’s age, everyone has a cell phone in their hand. This also means that everyone has an opinion: good or bad. To make matters worse, there’s not much stopping a competitor from launching fraudulent negative reviews on your business. Potential customers are often not able to decipher a real review from a fake review, which can destroy your online reputation.

At GK Media, we know how to protect your online reputation by promoting positive reviews, removing fake reviews, and responding to negative reviews in an ethical and thoughtful manner.

You can be spending tens of thousands of dollars advertising your business, but if your online rep is poor, you’re throwing money away. Most customers don’t make buying decisions without looking at the experiences other people had with your business. By creating an environment where your good reviews are front and center, you will consistently convert more customers.

GK Media offers a complete reputation management service. When potential customers search for your business online, you want them to see positive experiences. We promote those experiences by setting up systems to collect more reviews, pushing out real content and testimonials for your business, responding to negative experiences in a calm and thoughtful manner, and disputing and removing fake reviews.