GK Media is actively involved in local event marketing and is always looking for sponsors for upcoming local events. If you are unfamiliar with local event marketing and its benefits, keep reading to learn more.

Local Event Marketing

The Long Beach community is tit-knit and unique, which is why GK Media takes its role very seriously when it comes to helping promote the local events. GK Media has been actively assisting the Long Beach community for nearly a decade in promoting local events.

Benefits of Local Event Marketing

Local event marketing is a powerful tool for your business. Here are just some of the benefits of utilizing this unique marketing strategy:

  • Get fresh material to cover in your blog posts
  • Bring in positive reviews
  • Benefits through social media
  • Gain valuable web page links
  • Boost your local SEO campaign with useful citations
  • Create valuable connections
  • Interact with your customers
  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Increase your foot traffic and sales
  • Get mentioned in the news
  • Gain brand exposure

GK Media’s Local Event Marketing

GK Media is heavily involved in local event marketing in the city of Long Beach. Not only does GK Media own and operate an event marketing site specifically, LongBeachStuff.com, but it has also recently launched the Long Beach Local App helping to promote local events too.

Sponsor Moonlight Movies on the Beach

One excellent example of GK Media’s local events includes the Moonlight Movies on the Beach. Long Beach Transit presented the last Moonlight Movies on the Beach. Alfredo’s Beach Club teamed up with Justin Rudd and the Community Action team to represent a local charity at each movie showing. 

Additional information about the giving back project potential can be found on the Moonlight Movies on the Beach Facebook Page.

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