In the year 2020, smartphone devices are like an additional limb— they’re with us practically at all times. If you own a business, there’s an extremely high probability that your customers are searching for your business on their mobile phones, and if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will be losing out on a ghastly amount of revenue. 

What Makes a Website Mobile-Friendly? 

The layout is compatible for mobile devices. When a website isn’t mobile-friendly, the layout won’t adapt to mobile phones and tablets. The mobile user will see a miniaturized version of your desktop site. This isn’t optimal because the words on the page will be hard to read, the layout won’t be scaled correctly, and the links on the page may be hard to tap on the mobile device. 

The navigation is designed for mobile use. On a desktop site, the navigation is easy to find and click on. But when you’re on mobile, the navigation must adapt to the size of the mobile screen. This is why mobile-friendly sites will adapt the navigation for taps on the phone in lieu of mouse clicks. 

The site loads quickly on mobile devices. Functionality is key, and if your site loads slowly on mobile devices, mobile visitors will not find your site user-friendly at all. 

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