SEO is a vital tool for any business to help gain traffic to your website. But one thing that many aren’t aware of is the significance of blogging in terms of SEO. Blogging works to support several different elements that contribute to ranking factors in SEO. The more regularly you update your blog with relevant and high-quality information, the better you will find your website performs and ranks in search engines.

The one downside to blogging is that it takes time. Thankfully, SEO companies can quickly provide your website with quality content, so you don’t have to. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at how blogging helps your SEO.

Connecting With Your Audience

Finding a way to connect with your audience is one of the most valuable SEO tools of them all. Not only will they spend more time on your site, but they are also more likely to return to your site in the future in search of more valuable content.

Additionally, when your audience finds information that they value, they will be more inclined to share it with their audience. As you can imagine, this momentum drives even more traffic to your website. Even better, as Google recognizes that people are drawn to your website, it will, in turn, increase your authority level in its algorithm.

Increasing Dwell Time

While Google hasn’t come out and said that it is monitoring dwell time in SEO, it has made other statements suggesting such information. Google wants to ensure it is providing quality resources to answer its users’ questions. If it seems that you click on the first ranked link and go back to the search page right away, it knows that that first link wasn’t valuable to you.

Blogs help keep your audience on your page longer because they will have to read through your post to find the information they need. Backlinko recently conducted a study showing that longer blogs rank better on Google, with an average of 2,000 words on first-page results.

Keeping Your Website Current

Since you won’t have a lot of reason to update your homepage or any other pages of your website frequently, having a blog tends to make more sense. Google only wants to deliver the most current and updated information to its users, which means providing websites with up-to-date content. Blogs help offer you a tool that you can regularly update to show Google and your audience that you are current.

Additionally, having a blog on your website also forces the algorithms to index your site more frequently. While this might not seem incredibly significant, it will help keep your website on its radar over time, which is always helpful with your ranking.

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