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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Google AdWords vs. Yelp Advertising.

Let’s get started.

Cost (Google)

We’ll start off with costs since that tends to be top of mind when it comes to marketing for businesses.

  • Google AdWords: average cost-per-click (CPC) $0.63 for display and $2.69 for search
  • Yelp Advertising: average CPC ranges around $3.00 to $4.00

Analytics (Google and Yelp)

Next up, we’ll touch on analytics capabilities since everyone wants to make sure they’re getting their bang for their buck.

  • Google AdWords: tons of great data, including conversions, behavior, acquisition, and audience reports
  • Yelp Advertising: less data, but better tracking for lead generation revenue, user engagement, and traffic

Ad Types (Google)

Knowing what you’re looking for in your digital marketing will help narrow your options of where to focus your efforts.

  • Google AdWords: multiple ad formats and campaign types to choose from
  • Yelp Advertising: standard search ad and new custom ad feature

Audience (Google)

Depending on what you’re looking for, reach may be the better option. Otherwise, you may want to focus on user intent.

  • Google AdWords: broader reach with over five billion searches daily
  • Yelp Advertising: roughly 178 million unique monthly visitors

User Intent (Yelp)

User intent leads to far higher conversion rates and rankings.

  • Google AdWords: more search or keyword intent
  • Yelp Advertising: more purchase intent

Demographics (Yelp)

Demographics undoubtedly play a huge role in marketing, let’s see how the two stack up against one another.

  • Google AdWords: broader pool to work with
  • Yelp Advertising: user demographics of Yelp are much narrower and ideal for businesses

Targeting (Google)

Throughout the entire buying cycle, targeting options allow businesses to target prospects.

  • Google AdWords: keyword selection is a huge advantage
  • Yelp Advertising: distance targeting allows businesses to decide what physical range people can see their ads

Industry (Google and Yelp)

Not surprisingly, the industry you’re in will likely determine which is the more powerful marketing tool.

  • Google AdWords: works best with B2B companies
  • Yelp Advertising: B2C companies, especially general services, beauty services, health and fitness, auto services, entertainment, nightlife, local retailers, and restaurants

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