Helping an Established Service Firm Increase Sales by 20 Percent

For more than 35 years, A-Throne has supplied portable restrooms and temporary fencing for the construction industry, festivals, and private special events in Los Angeles and Orange County. A-Throne meets and exceeds customers’ expectations for service, safety, and quality products to keep them happy and create referrals. But the company realized it was missing out on new business opportunities. .

“I am not certain that we were getting the quality of traffic needed for our website,” says A-Throne Controller, Jaya Krishnan. “When we asked customers how they heard about us, it was generally from ads. One competitor, who wasn’t even local, ranked high on Google for a key search term in Long Beach, but we didn’t rank at all for the same term.”  –

They turned to Kris Gragson at GK Media for help.

A Multipronged Solution

GK Media began by optimizing A-Throne’s website to better generate organic traffic from online searches. One strategy Kris and his team used was to make sure the site was listed in local directories and add quality back links so that A-Throne could rank higher in Google for keywords related to its business.

In building back links, GK Media was able to exploit its unique advantage, which is extensive networking and connections with businesses and organizations in the Long Beach area.

Once the site was optimized, GK Media implemented an expanded and carefully targeted Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign, focusing on critical keywords to drive traffic to the website and generate more phone calls. It used Google call tracking to determine which search terms produced the most calls, and it controlled the cost of phone calls by analyzing demographics, location, and usage by day of the week and time of day.

GK Media also instituted a social media initiative and added blog posts to the A-Throne website to support its SEO and PPC campaigns.

The Result: a Major Boost in Sales

Together these efforts increased A-Throne’s sales by 20 percent over a two-year period. The company currently ranks well for all search terms related to portable restrooms and temporary fencing, and it appears in Google’s Map Pack (the top three local businesses by rank) for “Portable toilets Long Beach.” And yes, A-Throne now outranks that non-local competitor in the Long Beach area.

GK Media was also able to use its extensive local connections to grow the company’s festival business so that it has increased revenue not dependent on the construction industry.

A-Throne and GK Media enjoy an excellent working relationship. “Their service is awesome,” says Jaya. “Kris is always available and super helpful. He provides data regularly, and he’s incredibly patient in explaining what it means.”