Answers To Questions You May Have About Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business and your website can be a confusing process when you consider all of the options available today. Below are some answers to common questions business owners often have when they are exploring the best solutions for their online marketing needs.

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization which is a technique used to raise a websites visibility in the search engines. SEO has been utilized since the first appearance of search engines, and continues to be widely practiced today.

PPC is the abbreviation for Pay Per Click, which is a broad term often used for paid ad placements.
The most widely used paid ad service is Google Ads which first became available in 2000.
SEO is a long term marketing strategy which provides “organic” listings in the search engines.
Depending on the status of you current website, results may take several months to be realized.
PPC can be a short term and long terms strategy, results can be realized immediately if your website contains the message you which to advertise.
SEM is the abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing, which is a strategy that combines the use of SEO and PPC for the maximum reach and efficiency in search marketing.
Regardless of which search marketing strategy you choose, your website content should contain common search phrases [keywords] that your prospects would use to find your business type.
The use of these search phrases on your website is the baseline for the “Optimization” portion of SEO.
Google search itself can be used as a tool for keyword research. Google often provides “suggestions” that can help you expand your list of keywords you wish to target. After you search, review the listings to make sure the websites are a good representation of your business type.
Here at GK Media we can help you with all the aspects of setting up and maintaining your online marketing program.
We can guide you in defining relevant keywords that will attract your best prospects and inspect your site for proper keyword matching.
If needed, we can provide content development that will maximize your SEO positioning while offering lower PPC.

GK Media always provides “Best Practices” SEO which will not jeopardize your status with Google.

We can also provide full Google Ads campaign set-up and maintenance.


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