With all of the elements involved in SEO optimization, it can be difficult to prioritize what areas to focus on. Online reviews can be helpful to building rapport with customers as well as credibility, but do online reviews help with SEO?

We’re here to get to the bottom of it as we learn more about the relationship between online reviews and SEO optimization.

How Online Reviews Help SEO

Acquiring online reviews helps create a type of signal to search engines that your business has authority and trustworthiness. While some small businesses may overlook the value of online reviews, these helpful tools can help set your company apart from the pool of others. Ultimately, being able to stand out helps to differentiate your business and heighten your overall online visibility.

Why Are Reviews Important for SEO?

Whether or not it makes sense to you the value of online reviews in terms of SEO, you’re likely to be wondering why it is they hold so much weight. Here are a few reasonable explanations as to why Google values your business’ reviews the way it does.

Google Trusts External Sources for Credibility

To put it simply, Google relies on different signals to determine the credibility of a website. Before the days of GMB, Google took strong preference to backlinking. To specify, when Google saw other credible sites linking to your page, it signaled to Google who, in turn, boosted your visibility as a reward.

Google Prefers More Available Readable Content

Google likes having more content about your site to be able to understand your business better fully. With extensive online reviews, this gives Google tons of fresh content packed with keywords.

Consumers Trust Reviews and Google Follows Suit

Not surprisingly, potential customers for your business find value in online reviews. But, this is beneficial even further because Google recognizes the importance through the eyes of the consumer. In short, great reviews means more stars which means more clicks. Google wants to promote sites that will get more clicks.

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