SEO represents “search engine optimization”. It’s the strategy of improving both the quantity and quality of a website. It is also about improving your business recognition, through unpaid (organic) search engine outcomes. 

SEO is related to the things people are trying to find online and the solutions they are looking for. Understanding what your audience wants is one of the most important components of SEO. SEO is made up of various different elements and understanding what they are and how can be used to make a website more visible is important. More visibility means more visitors and more chances to build your clientbase.

Search engines perform plenteous tasks by exploring and cataloging all published content on the internet through a method called “indexing and crawling” and then sequencing it by how best it pairs the query in a method we name as “search engine ranks”.

The results which you can only attain through efficient SEO (unpaid advertising) are called organic search results. Nowadays, SERPs (search engine page results) are loaded with more dynamic organic results and more advertising formats, than we’ve noticed before.

The aim is to offer better solutions/answers to the searchers within SERPs to keep the audience engaged, keep them on the SERPs for a longer time, and keep them coming back.Some features of SERP on Google are organic and can be changed by SEO. For instance, the “People Also Ask” boxes and snippets (a boosted organic result that shows the most relevant text in a box).  

Although social media, paid advertising and other online platforms can draw heavy audiences to websites, the bulk of them are taken by search engines. For instance, out of all searchers, around 3% of visitors click on paid ads. Cutting it to the chase; SEO can draw 20 times better traffic than PPC on both desktop and mobile.

If you add flawless content to your website that should be ranked for the correct keyword, your audience can increase at an extremely faster rate over time, while on the contrary marketing demands uninterrupted sponsorship to drive users to your website. Search engines are improving day by day but they still need us.

Optimizing your website will be very helpful to provide updated info to search engines for the proper indexing and display of your content within the search results.

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